gravity's pull

In the exhibition space of Hochparterre, the two invited artists explore various concepts in dealing with sound and noise: Improvisation and sound generation on the one hand, sound discovery and trace collection on the other.
Despite their different ways of creation, the exhibited works interact perceptibly. The basis for this is the presence - medial or concrete - of the elements water and air, the (geo)physical properties of which flow through the exhibition. In their formally reduced appearance, the works enter into a multi-layered dialogue, revealing a life of their own and thereby evoke possible sensitivities. (J.H)

, Evgenija Wassilew
Copper pipe, trumpet bell, sand traces, video on screen without sound, audio

The copper pipe and trumpet bell are used as a prepared hydrophon, animated by the waves on the shore of the sea. The audio recordings are played back within the instrument.

Klack Ding
, Peter Strickmann
Air, water, tubing, found objects

Six lids and cans are wiggling on six water-filled plates, performing a miniature-percussion, animated by a pneumatic system.

Performance views